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Back To The Bowl
Back To The Bowl
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Back To The Bowl

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

'Back to the bowl' is a brand new standalone piece produced by Red Bull Media House, chronicling the history of the legendary Marseilles skate park and revisiting the stories behind some of the most iconic moments in its first twenty five years.

To many of those under thirty the first knowledge of the existence of this seminal piece of international skate architecture was its inclusion in the renowned Tony Hawk eponymous video game series, so it's only fitting that the birdman himself is the first to speak in this beautifully shot retrospective.

Clocking in at over thirty minutes this is certainly more film than pre skate hype clip; if you know your history you'll be well aware of the board based insanity this small patch of Mediterranean concrete has witnessed over the past two and a half decades so this will certainly be of interest to you. However, even if you only received your first skateboard this past Christmas, the inclusive nature in which this video has been produced means that even the complete novice can enjoy learning about a vital part of our collective history. Basically it's essential viewing no matter who you are!

Back To The Bowl

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