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"Back To The Hundreds" - Celebrating 30 Years

Oct 2015 by Route One

Back to the Future as we’re sure you’ll agree, was a game changing film that not only combined American history with ‘80s pop culture but that also immortalized some of the most memorable characters in movie history.

For generations, Back to the Future has been a visual, coming-of-age tale, revolving around young love, true friendship, and merciless peer pressure. Witnessing Marty Mcfly pursuing rock star dreams, saving his family, and winning the girl of his dreams all with the help of the somewhat eccentric Dr Emmett Brown, we watched with open eyes whist flying DeLoreans, Nike Air Mags, and of course hoverboards all made an appearance and most importantly a lasting impression on today’s culture.

As we near October 21, 2015 and a celebration of the films 30th Anniversary, Bobby Hundred’s lifelong obsession with time and timelessness gets portrayed in a range of clothing and accessories that combine both contemporary design and innovative materials, honing in on specific iconic pieces from these classic films.

Transferring looks that transcend the realms of time, The Hundreds take unmistakable and iconic garments such as the memorable red vest, which has been streamlined for 2015, and the self-drying jacket from the future which utilizes Dri-fit and Nano Coat technology to actually work, to quite literally bring them back to the future. Also applying defining aspects of the trilogy onto a series of graphic T-shirts, pullovers, and crew neck sweatshirts this collection pulls out all the stops and leaves no stone un-turned with its key attention to detail.

Full of nostalgia, at it's core this collaboration portrays Back to the Future’s masterful storytelling, an art that also anchors The Hundreds, where “Everything begins with a story.”

Available Online and in-stores from 21st October.



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