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Sep 2022 by Route One

There are few treats in life that compare to a new Baker video - finding a twenty pound note in the street comes close obviously but it still doesn't match the level of excitement clicking play and seeing an unimaginably gnarly hammer play out in gratuitous slow-motion does; that's the kind of emotional magic only Baker Skateboards can conjure!

Ok, maybe we're going a little overboard with the hyperbole there but you get the point, a Baker video is always a pleasure so when we saw we had eleven minutes of Figgy, Riley and new kid Lyric to enjoy you know our stoke levels were peaking.

And, as eagle eyed viewers will no doubt note, there's even a frame or two of Casper Brooker thrown into the mix, pre-empting Wednesday night's announcement of his addition to the pro ranks. No doubt about it, Baker Skateboards are coming in hot for autumn 2022!

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