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Brand New PWBC News
Brand New PWBC News
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Brand New PWBC News

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

People may well argue that Gary Rogers’ Skateline NBD is way funnier whilst others will state that PWBC news is so side splittingly on point that the two don’t even compare. Whichever side of the fence you sit on you have to be stoked that there are people in the industry willing to call out some of the crap we get shoved down our throats daily and make light of the oft serious world that is professional skateboarding.

The internet forums are already split 5050 on this one; for as many drinks as there were spat all over laptops and tablets upon seeing the “Bungee cord and kickflips is not a ting” line there are folk that are questioning the audacity of Palace calling out Stereo when they themselves have done a collab with pretty much every dude and his dog this side of Brick Lane.

Regardless, we now know Palace are being distributed in the US by Bakerboys (something that will have absolutely 0% effect on your life) and that Lev and the boys are some damn funny buggers. Here’s to the next one, don’t let it be so long between episodes!


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