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Brixton’s Spanish Survival

Apr 2015 by Route One

Brixton Apparel, those purveyors of the finest hats and threads, recently sent their team down to Puerto Rico to sample the fine spots the country has to offer – the lads came back with this!

Featuring the likes of Brad Cromer, Taylor Bingaman, Kevin Coakley, Ernie Torres, Dolan Stearns and more, you know from a line up like that you’re gonna get nothing less than full on skate-rat action. And that is exactly what you do get – creative lines, a million and one spots you’ve never seen before and a crew blatantly psyched on skating and hanging around together. This is great stuff!

The vid itself starts all VHS Hi8, transitions into that classic vx1000 look and never lets the stoke drop below nine. This is a feel good tour vid and we felt bloody good watching it!

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