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Burn The Borders

Sep 2016 by Route One

The Sour x Sk8 Mafia collab continues to go from strength to strength with this latest tour feature, featuring the best of both travelling through Spain and playing right now over on the Transworld site.

With everyone you'd want to see from Wes Kremer to Erik J Petterson, Javier Sarmiento to Gustav Tonnesen, the boys that complemented each other so well back when things were "sweeter" (you get it? You know, before 'Sour' it was 'Sweet'? Oh never mind...) still manage to produce the most mind blowing skating whilst having the best times possible.

This is a couple of crews that genuinely want to roll together and this come across with every second on screen. They might be some of the most exciting skateboarders on planet earth right now but you can tell they're just there to have fun; it doesn't matter that Wes or Gustav are skateboard wizards of the highest level, they're having a blast and that's all that matters. Watch the vid then read the article in the October issue of the mag.

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