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Camino A San Francisco
Camino A San Francisco
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Camino A San Francisco

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Produced by the ‘Far East Skate Network’ in association with Magenta Skateboards, this tribute to Masanori ‘Devildog’ Nishioka, featuring Leo Valls and Takahiro Morita, is an absolute gem of a skate movie that truly encapsulates the raw radness to be had cruising the streets on a skateboard.

Filmed by Zach Chamberlin and shot exclusively in San Francisco, this skid and hill bomb fest is everything and nothing in equal measure – parity of brilliance and simplicity in the same moment – and the perfect antidote to the increasingly unobtainable robotics of the Street League elite.

Yeah, that last paragraph may seem a little pretentious when describing a couple of lads messing about on hills and driveways but when it stokes us out this much, whilst perfectly paying tribute to the godfather of the Japanese scene – well, it just seems right. We know full well you’ll want to get out and try the million and one powerslide manoeuvres in this you’ve never seen before and, the chances are, you’ll learn half the very same afternoon; you don’t get that kind of radness very often.

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