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Cava Brain #1
Cava Brain #1
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Cava Brain #1

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  • By Route One
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This brand new Transworld released series, from film maker Jack Thompson, showcasing the skills of select members of the infamous Sour Crew and a load of mates, is pretty much the best thing from planet skateboarding this week!




Named after Catalunya's famous fizzy wine export and featuring the likes of Barney Page, Josef Scott Jatta, Oscar Candon, Daniel Spangs, a bit of Wes and Marius - Evan Smith shows his face - this is as stellar an outing as you're likely to find in a cross-Euro trip and it makes for one hell of a collection of footage!




Kicking off with some classic Bristolian architecture prior to visiting London and Manchester, the lads give some of our most treasured spots a thoroughly good sessioning.  The action quickly hops over to Barcelona before venturing further afield across Europe - this is summertime fun captured in a bottle and is sure to bring a tinge of sadness now the nights are drawing in and the air is starting to feel crisp. Thankfully the skating is so bloomin' great, it outweighs any negative emotions, so press that play button and start counting down the six months we've got until next spring is in full swing; there might just be enough hype in this to keep you going through all that time!

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