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Chaz Ortiz’ Run And Gun
Chaz Ortiz’ Run And Gun
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Chaz Ortiz’ Run And Gun

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Chaz Ortiz is a bit like marmite; chances are you either love the Zoo York lad or you despise him. However, regardless of your feelings for him on a personal level, there’s no denying he’s a phenomenal skateboarding talent and his ‘Run & Gun’ submission is truly outstanding.

In its second year now, the premise behind The Berrics’ ‘Run & Gun’ competition is to give 10 pro skaters 24 hours each in which to produce a one minute line. This year’s contestants include the likes of Riley Hawk, Vincent Alvarez, Matt Miller plus many more being chased (pun intended!) around the new look Berrics by their resident filmer, Chase Gabor.

Chaz’ clip went online this past weekend and it really is quite something; there are at least five manoeuvres that most pros would be ecstatic to land as single trick for a video part, let alone in a line. You can bandy about terms like “robot” as much as you want but the bottom line is Chaz Ortiz sill level is as high as anyone out there at the moment and this line is just badass.

Click the image below.

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