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Chocolate 20th Year Anniversary Art Show
Chocolate 20th Year Anniversary Art Show
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Chocolate 20th Year Anniversary Art Show

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Thursday 6th November saw the launch of the Chocolate 20th Year Anniversary art show and we were lucky to be at the VIP show to see it!

The show is a special exhibition featuring the work of Evan Hecox, archival photos, original sketches, board graphics and other special pieces from their amazing 20 year trip! This is a must visit for any fan of skateboarding and even just fans of art!

Some of the stuff on show borders on the beautiful, moves onto quirky and then some if it is just plain rad! Obviously there is only a slice of what could be there on show, to showcase all of what Chocolate have done over the last 20 years would be impossible but it gives you a good idea of what they’ve been about.

The show is open to the public over at House of Vans London until Thursday 13th November so if you’re near make sure you go and see it!

Thanks to Matt over at Form Distribution for the invite and for organising the show and again thanks go to House of Vans for staging the event!


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