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Chris Colbourn's 'New Driveway' Part
Chris Colbourn's 'New Driveway' Part
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Chris Colbourn's 'New Driveway' Part

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

Thank goodness for Thrasher. In an age where a new clip is uploaded every few seconds an arbiter of caliber is nigh on vital and those good folk work tirelessly behind the scenes, executing the highest standards of quality control so you don't have to waste your time watching bobbins. 

Once again they've come up trumps and shared with us this excellent part from Williston, Vermont local and Element wizard Chris Colbourn. Chris, we're sure you'll recall, first came to our attention in Ty Evans' cinematic onanism 'We Are Blood' and purveys that incredibly rare combination of insane board control and a genuine creative eye.


Few can argue that, were they able to nollie into handrail grinds or flip a multitude of ways down a 15 stair, they would bother thinking outside the box. And of those who do take the road less traveled, most will freely admit it is their lack of natural ability that has inspired them to push the boundries of what we consider "do-able" with a skateboard. Chris has the skills of the former with the desire of the latter, and these opposing skateboarding dialects coalesce within him to produce brilliance.  

Whether you understood half the words in that paragraph or are still Googling them to wonder what the hell we're on about, all you need to know is this guy rips! 

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