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Chris Cope's Indy Part

Apr 2021 by Route One


How often is there audible "stoke" in video parts these days? 'Cause you get plenty of it in this brand new section from Texan ripper Chris Cope; there's pure hype ringing out from the homies in just about every clip!

And understandably so, as not only does Chris take the route less travelled, finding new lines on old 'crete, but he brings his mates along for the ride - there are more cameos in this than there are grind tricks in an Andy Anderson ledge combo!

But to concentrate on the hype risks running a disservice to the absolute carnage Chris' skating brings to the table. From ditches to Washington Street, the San Diego transplant goes full throttle and annihilates everything in his path, including a backyard pool light and love-seat carve that has to be seen to be believed. Safe to say, Chris goes off!


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