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Cool Green Water
Cool Green Water
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Cool Green Water

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  • By Route One
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How many times have you seen rural Switzerland in videos over the past few years? Short of Johny Giger's vloggings, we can't imagine it's too often! Which, if this spectacular piece from independent film maker Christian Taro is anything to go by, is a massive shame as the back drop is truly spectacular.

The gist of this video is simple; a group of mates journey south into the 'Valley of Verzasca' and skate every conceivable bit of terrain they come across, be it mountain slip roads or favourably shaped ancient geological formations. Three skaters, a filmer and a photographer was all that was needed to produce this stunning clip and it's made us desperately sad that summer has passed and we didn't manage to get on any trips as epic as this!

Please don't let our concentration on the aesthetic merits of the video and the scenic back drop detract from the fact the skating in this is actually rather good however. Each of the lads involved knows his way around riding one and the impossibly tattooed Timmey Krauer is the owner of one beastly frontside flip. Regardless of whether you give two hoots about what's going on behind the action on screen, this video is defo worthy of your time.



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