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Daan Van Der Linden For Spitfire
Daan Van Der Linden For Spitfire
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Daan Van Der Linden For Spitfire

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Ok, so this clip only clocks in at 38 seconds so you’d think that wouldn’t be much time to set your world alight; how wrong you’d be!

Hailing from Veldoven in Holland and now repping both Anti Hero and Vans Europe, Daan really is one of those guys that can do it all. At barely 20 years of age the young ripper takes less than a minute to prove to you not only what a phenomenal talent he is but also that if his Spitfires are helping him do that they may well do something similar for you!

Proving that he’s not afraid to mix it up (wallride hand plants on street anyone?) as well as take a meaty slam, Daan takes it to handrails, banks and ledges alike. He also finishes with quite possibly the nicest Spanish grind we’ve seen in quite some time; this is definitely 38 seconds that are worth your time!

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