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Daewon Is The Best…
Daewon Is The Best…
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Daewon Is The Best…

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Last week we linked Ben Raemer’s fantastic section from the Berrics’ ‘In Transition’ series and over the past few days the likes of Rune Glifberg, Ronnie Sandoval, Ben Raybourn and especially Bob Burnquist have dropped such truly face melting parts that we're now questioning what else can actually be done on transition.

Would you really like to know? Well Daewon has the answer…

Daewon’s vid is truly exceptional. Yes, Ronnie’s ender was nuts, Rune defied physics with his over-vert annihilation and it looked as though Bob Burnquist’s footage was actually from a video game but Almost, Tensor and DVS rider Daewon really brought the magic. This was skating you could almost relate to but then multiplied with radness by a million – We’re nearly speechless and certainly at a loss for words to describe just how amazing it actually is, despite having watched it a good ten times already – do yourself a favour and watch it now; you’ll see exactly what we mean....

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