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Daewon Song is the Best Skater on Instagram
Daewon Song is the Best Skater on Instagram
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Daewon Song is the Best Skater on Instagram

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Now the furore about his move from DVS to adidas has died down, all the gossip hounds out there can get back to concentrating on what Daewon Song does best: the simple act of skateboarding.

Long term friend and highly respected skate photographer Giovanni Reda has put together this piece for Vice Sports, celebrating the unassailable online prowess of quite possibly the greatest talent even known to skateboarding.

It’s refreshing to see, in an age where ego seemingly rules supreme, that the understated humility of the Almost founder is still intact, nearly 20 years into his pro career. In fact the servility and modesty of the man is only matched by his insane talent and both are celebrated to the full here.

There are many great skateboarders and many of them have great Instagram accounts but there is only one Daewon Song – click play to see the best of the man…

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