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Daewon Talks Childhood With Jenkem

Aug 2018 by Route One

Everyone knows Daewon. Whether you grew up in the early nineties and witnessed his rise to fame as part of the World crew, remember his first ventures into battle with Rodney Mullen via their "Vs" series, saw the seismic shift in his skating from 'Round 3' to 'SkateMore' or simply became acquainted with his work through his fun time Instagram account - everyone knows and loves Daewon Song.

Except do we really know him? Yeah, he obsesses over doughnuts and could blunt flip yer mam, but how much do we really know about the man behind the most progressive skateboarding the world has ever known? It turns out it's not that much.

Never one keen for "tell all" interviews (believe us, we've tried) Jenkem did the seemingly impossible and managed to get the man, the myth and the legend to open up about his formative years, discussing his mother beating him with a rose bush, flirting with gangs and quitting skateboarding to customise cars. Seems the puzzling enigma isn't only his other worldly board control - Daewon has some secrets!

Check it out here.

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