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Dashawn Jordan 'Tambien'
Dashawn Jordan 'Tambien'
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Dashawn Jordan 'Tambien'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • dashawn jordan skate tambien

Tambien is Spanish for also. Also, as we all know, means 'in addition to.' In addition to what is what we want to know!

In addition to a full time job? Is that what Dashawn is having to do to make ends meet? Because it's a travesty if that's the case; here's one of the most talented up and coming rippers on the scene today and the lad can't seem to hustle himself a board sponsor. What's that all about eh?

Pulling in over 158k Insta followers and dropping parts like this means some folk in the board game are sleeping on the talent doing the rounds right now. We can't imagine it can stay that way for long though; the prestige of a part like this means some CEO of a major deck manufacturer surely has to step up and offer the Chandler, AZ native a seven ply hook up pretty sharpish - it's criminal talents like his are going unrewarded in an era like this!


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