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Donovan and DVDL 'Trust Fall' Extras

Sep 2019 by Route One

There's no doubt Nike SB's recent 'Trust Fall' video was all about Casper Brooker and Kyron Davies (and obviously that nollie flip of Malto's at Meanwhile Two) as far as the viewing public are concerned. And obviously 800k views on Youtube isn't something to be sniffed at. However Nike SB understandably want to get the most return for their investment and, because of this, we now get to see them shift the focus onto the twin talents of the skateboarding Scott Baio and Daan Van Der Linden, the greatest talent on the planet, through the well trodden medium of the 'Extras' clip. Bonus!

Clocking in at over eleven minutes, we're suckers for anything involving Daan so this is near enough a slice of heaven for us. And, let's be fair, Donovan Piscopo is no slouch so it's hardly a chore sitting through his footage either! Seriously, what's up with that kickflip into the thin bank? That was proper mental!

But it's Daan where our infatuation truly lies. Here's a small Dutch man with the courage and abilities of an army a thousand times his size. Ok, that's a ridiculous thing to say but Daan really is so good he illicits that fuzzy logic brainless babble in us; just watch for yourself, it's craze inducing!

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