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Dylan Hughes 'Today Now'

Aug 2019 by Route One

How do you go about singing the praises of one of your own and manage to maintain a little decorum? That's not a rhetorical question, we really want to know! 'Cause this part from our boy Dylan Hughes is just about the best thing we've seen in as long as we can remember but we don't want to be seen to be tooting our own horn!

Oh sod it, we can save the dignity and class for another day. Our lad has come through with an insanely fast and stylish level of tech few skaters in the world could hope to match and we're gonna shout about it from the roof tops; Dylan Hughes is the man!

Filmed by the ever talented Nick Richards, in that super sexy HD 4:3 format he's been favouring, and released exclusively though Free Magazine, this is six minutes of the most powerfully raw British skateboarding that will blow your mind. Actually, scratch that, the first three minutes will blow your mind. Once the South Bank switch flip back tail goes down and the second three minutes begin, this part will take whatever's left of your earthly remains and send them skywards and out into the stratosphere!

Are we prone to exaggeration? Was that a touch hyperbolic? We don't care, this is amazing and we mighty proud of our boy Dylan. Click play to see why now!


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