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Element 'Deux Rives'

Oct 2022 by Route One

Deux Rives, two shores/banks to those of you who can't remember your French GSCE, is the appropriate title for this brand new double header from Element Skateboards, focussing on the twin talents of Cesar Dubroca and Victor Casgarigny as they descend on Paris and tear it a proverbial new one!

Hitting up both sides of the Seine (that the two shores for you!), Guillaume Permimony follows the two around the French capital with his trusty VX and captures the fruits of their labour for us all to enjoy.

Clocking in at over eight minutes, there is plenty of time for classic spots and unseen gems alike. And that translates to the tricks too; after all, when was the last time you remember seeing a one foot late one foot (or ollie north late ollie north for those who favour a post 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater' approach to trick nomenclature)? Not an everyday occurrence, that's for sure!

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