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Element Welcomes Brandon Westgate!

Apr 2015 by Route One

Serious powermoves from Johnny Schillereff’s brand as the like of Nyjah, Appleyard and Madars are joined by the ever amazing Brandon Westgate.

Things obviously hadn’t been great at Zoo for quite some time and the internet had been a-buzz with speculation as to where the Massachusetts native would end up. But, in the end, it came as no real surprise when the big money draw of Element snatched up the Emerica pro and announced it to the world with the release of this fantastic welcome clip.

Typically Westgate, pushing down hill and with unfathomable pop, this one minute and twenty five seconds of straight up powerful skateboarding really does deliver. Cars get ollied, steep driveways get bombed and the highest or bars get slid – if getting on Element means more Westgate footage then we simply couldn’t be happier!

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