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Enjoi 'Breaking Rad' Manchester
Enjoi 'Breaking Rad' Manchester
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Enjoi 'Breaking Rad' Manchester

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  • By Route One
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Enjoi Skateboard's travelling circus rolled into Manchester's infamous Projekts skate park yesterday for the umpteenth stop of their 2017 'Breaking Rad' Euro tour and obviously this was far too appealing a concept for us to let it pass by undocumented!

Featuring Captain Lou at the helm, alongside ship mates Thaynan Costa, Ben Raemers, injured road warriors Zack Wallin and Jackson Pilz, as well as "borrowed" ripper Samarria Brevard, the embattled crew fought ten day deep tour fatigue to stoke out every kid in attendance with selfies, signatures and shredding. 

Although the session itself was more a chance for the locals in attendance to say they've rolled with the likes of Louie, rather than a strictly 'Watch us perform hammers then disappear' type of affair, note worthy tricks were still landed as our exclusive coverage shows. Tip of the hat especially to young Samarria, "on loan" from Hoopla Skateboards, who finished the night with a one woman demo on the long four and rail; that girl can seriously rip! 

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