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Epicly Later'd - Ali Boulala
Epicly Later'd - Ali Boulala
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Epicly Later'd - Ali Boulala

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  • By Route One

The Epicly Later'd interviews we have all been waiting for is finally on the world wide web.

Ali Boulala has had one of the most prolific impacts on skateboarding since the mid to late 90's up until this day, being well known for being a early part of the Flip Skateboards roster, insane near death video parts, pioneering the PD 'Piss Drunxs' antics and leading the eccentric lifestyle we associate with the man of mystery.
Since the birth of Vice magazine's - Epicly Later'd (curated by Patrick O'Dell) Ali has been in the running for a series since it's origins, although this was unfortunately postponed by a drunken motorbike accident involving both Flip professionals Shane Cross and Ali Boulala, which tragically left Ali in a coma and took the life of Flip pro Shane Cross.
In this 4 part series of interviews we learn of Ali's life growing up in Sweden, traveling to California, meeting his heroes, becoming skateboarding celebrity and the last few years of how Ali has rehabilitated from addiction and injury to rebuild his life in Stockholm Sweden.

Grab yourself a cup of tea, some biscuits and kick back to the life story from one of skateboarding's legends...

Part 01 – The Original Baker Boy

Part 02 – Remote Control Cars & Being A “Piss Drunk”

Part 03 – The Crash That Ruined Everything

Part 04 – Opening Up About Life After Skateboarding

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