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Erick Winkowski Rips!

Jul 2016 by Route One

Santa Cruz Skateboards' San Diegoin madman Erick Winkowski is a law unto himself. In an age when every kid and his french bulldog is rocking a late 80's trick bag, Erick shows exactly where everyone else is going wrong in this brand new part for Thrasher.

Filming an entire part on an antique Jeff Kendall deck is one thing; the back yard ramps and proper inverts at least make sense. But taking a flat, nose-less 9 inch tank onto 17 stair handrails? That is groundbreaking!

The thing is, his approach doesn't stop with these "standard" manoeuvres, the lad is doing stuff right from the off that is going to make your jaw drop and keep falling until it hits the floor. What are we trying to say? You really need to see this part!

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