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Extra Flare: Riley Hawk

Sep 2017 by Route One

Well here it is folks, the one we've been waiting for! Thought there's no denying Lakai footwear's latest cinematographic offering 'The Flare' hasn't had the seismic impact of it's 2007 predecessor, it's hard to ignore the fact that it was a damn good video and young Riley Hawk's ender part was one of the definitive stand outs of 2017.

With this in mind we've been eager to see his 'behind the scenes and off-cuts' ever since we learned Thrasher were serialising them and finally our wishes have been granted! Though he may be second generation pro and initially famous due to his paternal lineage, few could maintain the hubris to suggest that Baker ripper Riley isn't one of the most exciting skateboarders in the world today. An all-terrain trooper, equally at home on big rails or in a dirty ditch, Hawk Jr opens proceedings with unfathomable insanity and the tricks only get better from that moment on!

All metaphorical overstatements to one side, this is the hype you've been looking for in these last few weeks before autumn truly kicks in. Click play, get inspired then go get some for yourself!


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