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Fabiana Delfino in conversation with Helena Long

Dec 2020 by Kay Russant

2020 may have been a washout, but Fabiano Delfino has hit some big wins this year. In April we saw Fabiana star in the Vans film ‘Credits’ hailed as the “underground favourites”, skating alongside some of the best women in skating right now, including fellow Vans team member and Route One Pro rider Helena Long.

This season Fabiana Delfino has brought her Florida roots to the Vans skate team to create her capsule collection. Featuring her palm tree insignia and cool blues throughout the pack, its a solid favourite here at Route One.

We teamed up with Vans Europe to bring you an interview with Fabiana, and who better to ask he questions than her own team mate Helena!

What's the most you’ve ever won on a scratch card?
 Most I’ve made is like $5 or something. Nothing big yet.
If you could pick a three-course meal and drinks included? 

An ideal meal would include beef empanadas for starters, a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, and chocolate-fudge brownie ice cream for dessert.
What's your go to colour to paint your nails? 
Go-to colour is light blue or light purple.
Best/worst kick out story
The best and worst kickout was the roll in Barcelona from ‘Credits”. It was terrifying being detained by police in a foreign country and robbed of a trick. But, it did make for a cool memory. Shoutout to Vans for bailing me outta jail $$$
Perfect outfit and set up
A fitted polo + black chinos + Arcade belt + white socks and Vans. Perfect board set up includes an 8.25 Santa Cruz VX board, Indy’s 149s, Spitfires, the whole deal!
What influenced you to pick the colour way/design of your shoe/apparel were there any hard decisions?  
As far as the design concept, I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate my Florida roots in some way. (Hence, the embroidered Alligator theme surrounding the collection) Florida has this rich, and deep-bedded skate culture that isn’t found anywhere else. I feel lucky to have been surrounded by the people and energy that has made me feel so rich. I want to share this cool moment in my life with the community that helped propel me into my wildest dreams.  
Top five skate videos/parts that hype you to go skate
I can’t list 5 but I will list 3!
 Elissa Steamer in “Welcome to Hell”, “Thrash and Burn 2017 Video”, and Baker 4
One colour bandana for the rest of your life what would it be - also who influenced you to start rocking the headscarf number?
Probably Red. My mom and aunts wore bandanas around when I was growing up. I remember I'd always borrow some of my Moms OG bandanas, she’d get strict. Not really, but they were important to her. That may have stuck with me and I’ve carried a bandana with me everywhere I go for the last 8 years. 
Maybe Leticia had some influence. 

If you could go anywhere to skate in the world where you’ve not yet been where would you go? 
I’ve been wanting to skate Paris for so long! 
You used to rollerblade before you skated and you love riding your bike - do you think you’d have pushed either of those two if you hadn’t found skating?
That’s a funny question. As much as I loved rollerblading when I was little, I was too young for that to be a thing. Skateboarding took over the scene and blading died soon after. As for biking, it’s not something I did or do take seriously but I think at a certain point in my life I’d like to join a bike club or a race or something cool like that. 

What was it like growing up in Florida as a female skater did you ever experience any negative reactions or did it not phase you?
I skated alone for the better part of my teen years. I never skated street because I had no crew to roll with. I spent every day at my local skatepark just skating by myself, just listening to my iPod nano.  When I got my license I was able to leave the negative things around me and link with homies I’ve made in other parts of Florida. Eventually, I found myself around good friends and people that could lead me down the path I wanted to go down. This is in no way a sob story, resistance in life doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 
You’ve had the chance to do a lot of travelling through skateboarding - if it wasn’t for sponsorship and trips do you think you’d have travelled as much or wanted to?
I've always enjoyed traveling. My parents made me up to be an adventure-curious person. But, if I had never skateboarded, I would have never travelled as much as I have. No doubt. I've also underestimated how much traveling would be involved as a skater.  Skaters are some of the luckiest people I know.

From your travel experiences do you find a difference with the American skate scene to the rest of the world?   
Yeah it’s a huge difference in a lot of ways. Skateboarders are perceived differently in American culture. Americans act on impulse and prejudices. Compared to some European countries, America has a militant-like vibe to it. Cops always coming in hot, and super- citizens left and right. I think the culture around law and order in America makes you feel like you don’t belong and definitely shouldn’t be breaking the law. Meanwhile in Barcelona, were lounging spot-side sipping Estrellas and Sangria. Two hugely different experiences of people who see the streets in a different light; and also an opinion I wouldn’t have had if I did not travel as much as I have. 
When you’re not skating what’s your favourite pastime?
My favourite pastime off the board is bike riding. If I have time in Florida to enjoy, I’ll ride 15 miles every day when I’m there. I get obsessed. I love riding to the beach in the summer, it gives me the ultimate adrenaline and heatstroke. 

Best moment/spot/trick from a trip.
My favourite moments have been spent on trips. No matter who I’m with or what we’re doing, there’s always a special memory I hold onto. The best thing about a trip is the homies you ride with. 
Word Association Game: 
Beer - Draft
Florida - Gators
Win - Or lose
Drive - Backseat beers
Socks - Necessary
Fried - Spicy Chicken Sandwich
UK - Rainy
Trump - See ya
Vans - Off the Wall 

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