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Figgy: Ride Or Die

Apr 2016 by Route One

Few people have a big rail game like Baker and Emerica pro Justin “Figgy” Figueroa but this brand new skate park clip from grip tape and accessory big boys Shake Junt proves there is a lot more to his game than hucking himself down ginormous banisters.

Of course there are rail tricks a plenty, we wouldn’t expect anything less, but with the onus being on fun there are so many manoeuvres you’d never expect and that makes it a real joy to watch. Throw in plethora of Baker boy cameos from the likes of Reynolds, Zorrilla and more and you have one of the most entertaining clips of the week in your hands.

Don’t let our description fool you though, oh no, there are definitely some hammers to be had. For every early grab varial or kickflip indy there’s a switch rail trick that’ll leave you scratching your heads. That’s the Shake Junt crew in a nut shell for you; full of fun but never afraid of stepping up to put it down…

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