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Flo Marfaing Vans Section

Feb 2016 by Route One

Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit Barcelona will no doubt have witness first-hand the amazing ability of 90’s Euro legend Flo Marfaing.

Speed, immense control and a switch tailslide like no other; despite his increasing years Vans rider Flo still amazes and this new section, released via the Free Skateboarding mag  website, is just as shocking as his now legendary ‘Lordz: They Don’t Give A F*ck About Us’ part was 13 years ago.

Classic Catalunyan, Parisian and Cypriot spots get a proper seeing to; you rarely get this level of technical ability with the current generation of up and coming Euro skateboarders (Cliché new breed and Fran Molina aside) so we’re reassured to see Flo still pushing that fast balance game & making it a thing of beauty. We’re also really jealous of that perpetual Mediterranean sunshine, especially when it’s so greay and cold outside right now!

Click the image below to go straight to the Free Website.

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