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Frankie Spears 'Union'
Frankie Spears 'Union'
Nov 2023 by Route One

If you were to pick two brands synonymous with beautiful skateboarding edits, we reckon Alien Workshop and adidas would be the top of the pile for nearly every one of you out there. Though we live in an era saturated by portrait Reels and pound shop Strobeck knock-offs, these two brands can be relied upon to employ the most talented of skateboard film makers, so this collaboration piece for rider of both, Mr Frankie Spears, is destined to be a classic from the moment we press play!

With the artistic endeavours settled, the question you're no doubt asking is "does the skating live up to the filmmaking?" Thankfully yes! The lad from Lynbrook, New York has grown up from the unintentional viral star of those Camp Woodward days and produces the kind of skateboarding prose that sits symbiotically with the film work of Matt Schleyer.

Surprising nobody with his penchant for an east coast spot and lines filmed in the depths of winter, Frankie does Alien and the three stripes proud. Beautiful tricks captured in a timelessly beautiful way; some brands just got it like that!

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