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Frankie Villani is Pro!

Oct 2018 by Route One

We can't have been the only people to have been surprised when Frankie Villani made the switch from Zero to Primitive. Obviously the lad is an insane talent but P-Rod's crew are some of the freshest boys out there and Frankie? Well Frankie's a bit of a mosher and seemed a little off brand truth be told.

However, music and fashion tastes don't (or shouldn't) dictate a friendship and Frankie obviously feels at home enough to roll with the rest of the Primitive crew. P-Rod has seen fit to reward this by bumping his boy up to the pro ranks and ain't that a treat coz it means we get a brand new part to enjoy and, oh my days, Frankie properly goes off!

Set to one of the greatest covers of all time (that we used in a NASS highlights vid nearly a decade ago ;-) ), this  has gotta be our favourite clip of the week. And when the past seven days have contained new Greco and Grant pieces, you know that's a brave statement to make! Frankie rips his coloured wheels a new one, the editing is perfect and, well, it's lit a fire under us and made us desperate for a skate. What more could you really want from a part than that!?!

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