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Gabriel Fortunato Pro!

Sep 2021 by Route One


Gabriel Fortunato is pro for Element! Who is Gabriel Fortunato you may be afraid to ask? Don't be, before we saw this clip we weren't familiar with him either but the lad is big news in Brazil and we've been down a serious Instagram rabbit hole over the past couple of hours learning all about him!

Not afraid of taking a meaty slam, Gabriel's balls to the wall tech-gnar approach is showcased magnificently in this Thrasher hosted part. As new found fans of his we're stoked to see him get this top level exposure - the lad has been killing it under the radar for far too long!

With a deft touch, the ability to go fast yet float and a rail trick bag that would usually be confined to ledges, it's easy to see why the powers that be at Element have chosen him as the perfect brand ambassador south of the equator. Click play right now if you don't believe us, you won't be disappointed. But be prepared to spend a few hours watching insta clips like we just have!


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