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Getz Gets Chromeballed
Getz Gets Chromeballed
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Getz Gets Chromeballed

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  • By Route One
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In the late 90's and early 00's, Kerry Getz was as hot a commodity as you were likely to find in skateboarding. Pro for Toy Machine and then Habitat, a line of incredibly successful shoes on DVS and pretty much best mates with Bam Margera who bestowed upon him the infamous nickname 'Hockey Temper' (check his video parts, it's easy to see where that came from!), he seemingly had it all.

Then, as with most participants in this cruel game we call professional skateboarding, his time ended almost as quickly as it had begun when real life got in the way and Kerry had to grow up exceedingly quickly. Overnight he became a foster father to two nephews and a niece (he now has another two of his own to add to the mix) and the troubles faced by Habitat during the folding of their parent company pretty much retired him over night.

Now, years later, Chops at Chromeball has sat down with him to discuss pretty much every aspect of his career. As with all Chromeball pieces this is exceptionally well researched and fantastically put together; if you're gonna read one online interview this week then it really should be this one...

Getz Gets Chromeballed

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