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Girl & Chocolate US Tour Is Looking Pretty Sweet
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Girl & Chocolate US Tour Is Looking Pretty Sweet

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

If you caught our interviews with Girl & Chocolate head honchos Rick Howard & Mike Carroll you will no doubt be aware that one of their plans for part of their twentieth anniversary celebrations was to take both team out on the road for a “Pretty Sweet” tour. When you factor in the talent split between the two vans there was no way this was going to go uncovered and so up steps Thrasher with the first video in what is sure to be some of the best demo coverage we’re ever likely to see.

MJ, Carroll, Kennedy, Malto, McCrank, Kenny Anderson and the rest? Yep, the only answer is to click that play button right now!

Click here to check out the new Girl x Thrasher and Chocolate x Thrasher collabs.

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