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Guy For Dickies
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Guy For Dickies

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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In March 2021 Thrasher dropped their Guy Mariano cover. Skateboarders the world over let out a collective gasp and rejoiced in the assumption that the long awaited follow up to 2014's 'Life On Video' was imminent.

Five Insta clips in the space of a month only served to compound the hunch that the release of a new mega part was fast approaching; the NBD clips that were deemed throwaway were every bit as impressive as earlier career highlights so it seemed a no-brainer that the latest chapter from perhaps the greatest street innovator of all time was mere weeks away.

Fast forward 14 months and, shy of an announcement celebrating his addition to Shane O'Neill's uber stacked April Skateboards team and a facemelter of a combo for his 46th Birthday, there's been nothing! So whilst we're sadly unable to offer any further details as to if/when the next Guy Mariano part is gonna drop, we are thrilled to see this 'Welcome to Dickies' footy that shows he's still very much out there filming. We guess this will have to do for now, we just hope we're not waiting another 14 month for the next few clips!

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