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Helas 'Fellas'

Nov 2019 by Route One

Hands up, who doens't like Lucas Puig? No hands? We thought as much!

It's obvious innit, no matter who you are Lucas has to be one of your favourite skaters. You like your skating powerful? He delivers. Technical tricks? He's got 'em all in his bag. Preformed beautifully stylishly? Every time. Nonchalant? The lad might as well be asleep!

But that chilled demeanor belies a passion for skating rarely equaled and as well as killing it on a board he's every bit as devoted to his clothing company Helas and it's the long awaited full length video from the brand that we're stoked to be able to share with you today.

Featuring everyone from the Brian Peacock to Chewy Cannon, the level of talent in the Helas team runs deep so you know the skating in this is on point. As the Thrasher accompanying blurb says...

From the broad boulevards of France to the fresh marble of China, the Helas associates, like kings, hold court over every ledge and stack of stairs in their sights. This is a top-notch full-length. Kick back and enjoy it...

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