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Hey Fede Svin
Hey Fede Svin
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Hey Fede Svin

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Wanna watch the most rib crushingly sickening slam you've seen in a long time? This brand new clip from Will Miles has just the ender for you!

But, should you want to avoid watching a fellow skater take the tumble of his life, there's plenty more in this Grey Mag released edit to keep you entertained. Though somewhat jumbled and lacking cohesion, the summer footage captured (and set to the dancing rhythms of Harry Belafonte) is exactly what the doctor ordered for these cold February evenings.

Whilst the majority of the footage comes from the feet of Numbers' own London connection Kyron Davis and Isle's ever amazing Casper Brooker, the vid also showcases tricks from everyone from Korahn Gayle to Carlos Ribeiro. As we said, it's not necessarily the most cohesive edit you'll see all week but the skating is rad and the slam at the end will make you feel sympathy for another human the likes of which you never knew possible before. You have been warned.

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