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HUF 'Forever'

Sep 2023 by Route One

When Keith Hufnagel tragically passed in September of 2020, the skateboard world lost one of the jewels in its crown. Born and raised in Manhattan but with a career forged in the hills of San Francisco, his full speed approach transcended the East/West divide and built bridges in the burgeoning street scene of the early 90's, laying the foundations of skateboarding as we know it today.

HUF's eponymous brand, birthed through his Tenderloin store, may have become best known for its Footwear line (most famously Dylan Rieder's era defining shoe) but it's in its apparel that its longevity remains, carrying the HUF name forward as a tribute to its creator.

And now, honouring his life and influence, comes 'Forever;' a full-length video filmed and edited by Tyler Smolinski. Featuring everyone from Tyler Bledsoe to Brad Cromer, Mason Silva to Cyrus Bennett, this magnificent celebration of HUF reminds us that skateboard video can be so much more than a thirty second Insta real or going viral on Tiktok. When it comes down to it, a skateboarding video like this can be the ultimate testament for one of the most important to ever do it.

HUF forever.

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