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Inauguration: Helena Long

Jul 2021 by Route One


As regular readers of our musings will know, we'll take any opportunity we can to celebrate our love for the wonderful humans on the Route One skate team. So when this article chronicling the tale behind Helena Long's first published skate photo appeared online it was a certainty we were gonna shout about it from the roof tops!

A veritable stalwart of the scene, it's hard to remember a time when Helena's name wasn't consistently a part of the nation's skateboarding press but, if you hark back to 2009, you'll see fresh faced Helena's first venture into published skate trickery.

Aged only seventeen and partial to a pair of shinpads, as part of Jenna Selby's seminal As If, And What? video crew Helena was gifted the opportunity to appear in issue 160 of Sidewalk with an undeniably rad wavy 5050. Click the link below to visit the Skateboarder's Companion and read the full back story - though the way we imbibe media has changed significantly over the past decade the joy of a first published photo is something that never goes away!

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