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Ish Cepeda for DC
Ish Cepeda for DC
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Ish Cepeda for DC

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

It takes a brave man to wear that real tree camo in an urban environment but Ish Capeda has that 'fit confidence and the requisite skills to pull off such a challenge. Let's be fair though, those fresh white Williams Slims mean you're always starting off your sartorial game strong so it's stands to reason that Cepeda has the credence in his own vestiary abilities!

And if that word soup wasn't enough to get you reaching for the play button maybe this will help; it's long been noted that Ish has a style and approach akin to that of the legendary Lavar McBride and this is the most compelling evidence yet. The switch heel in the opening line is enough to make even the most teary eyed Trilogy fanboy sit up and the catch on his backside nollie flips will have you singing Jimmy Cliff's 'The Harder They Come' before you know it!

So yeah, no more nattering on from us - click play and get it watched!

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