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Dec 2017 by Route One

If, like millions of others, you've ever scoured Google maps in search of a local version of Wallows (or just something more than the poxy 18 inch high bank round the back of Home Bargains) this brand new piece from Jim Craven will make up for every fruitless click of your mouse and every bicycle trip up into the hills that proved to be worthless.

Taking the spot hunting bug to the nth degree, Jim and a select crew of rippers (including Heroin's perma-smiley Zack Riley, team mate Tom Day, Skate Cafe's Josh Arnott and many, many more) venture deep into the darkest recesses of this green and pleasant land, discovering moss covered gems and enough bona fide skate spot gold to make you weep with envy.

Words cannot express just how rad this Grey Mag associated clip is. Hyperbolic write-ups are par for the course when reblogging skateboard media so it's often hard to express just how great something is when it really stands out - this is one of those moments and it makes us wish we'd paid a little more attention in English class; maybe then we'd have to power to properly convey our thoughts when situations like this call for it! 

Every week we're stoked on quite a few things but rarely do we come across something that we love as much as this vid  - it's skateboarding childhood dreams captured in a bottle and served to perfection through Jim's amazing film work.  

You simply have to watch it, it's really that great.

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