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Jenkem: A Friendly Reminder to Treat Your filmers Well
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Jenkem: A Friendly Reminder to Treat Your filmers Well

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • a friendly reminder to treat your filmers well jenkem

What's the most important thing in skating today? Yeah "having fun, blah blah blah." Let's be honest, that's nonsense. As much as that's why we all started off, the majority of us are so concerned with documenting our footage the most important thing in skating today is your homie hooking you up with filming. Your 2mph crooked grind on the Aldi slappy kerb ain't gonna film itself!

Without the filmer your insta clip doesn't exist, your scene video idea never gets off the ground or your vlogging looks as lonely as John Hill doing static cam tricks with no mates around. With this in mind Eugene Kang has produced this epic monologue for Jenkem to help you show a little appreciation for that mate who's always willing to carry the VX, no matter how long the skate to the spot.

Now be warned, the language gets a little colourful so you don't want to be watching this on full volume with your little sister in the room. But it's a subject that's constantly overlooked so we understand the passion with which this is produced. Basically treat your filming mates right; they're gonna be sat there shivering their bits off every dry day we get for the next six months and if you want more than three tries before they're itching to put the camera away, make sure you show those mates some love!

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