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Jose Rojo's 'Super Chavela' Part

Dec 2016 by Route One

Enjoi Skateboards' long term back tail aficionado "Joe Red" drops a stellar three minute part over on the Thrasher website and we, the good folk that we are, have linked it for you right here so you don't have to waste any time searching for his happy brand of radical goodness.

Soulful sounds accompany the soulful styling of the San Jose local and despite what the keyboard warrior naysayers would have you believe, this is a great little part with some truly top class skateboarding included within.

Long lines and a delicate style are the order of the day; if you're wanting Nyjah style gnar you'll be in for a disappointment but if you enjoy your skateboarding as smooth as a single malt the old Jose is the man for you. That's not to say he doesn't step it up because he certainly does. It's just he makes it look oh so casual you forget the man is actually dropping some pretty serious skateboarding for your viewing pleasure. 

You see that play button? You know exactly what to do.

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