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Josh Jones ‘Vic’s Market II’ Part
Josh Jones ‘Vic’s Market II’ Part
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Josh Jones ‘Vic’s Market II’ Part

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

One of the greatest things about skateboarding is the fact there are no definitive rules. Sure, there are guidelines like “don’t push mongo” or “never revert straight back round after doing a trick to fakie” and the industry side of things can get swallowed up in the dos and don’ts of being “cool” but, the bottom line is, you can ride your skateboard however the hell you want to.

For every person doing the dopest backtails in the freshest of threads, or yet another front fifty backside ollie out in his white toe capped plimsolls, there is a guy just getting weird with his tech and really pushing the boundaries of what is actually possible. Everett, Washington Native Josh Jones, in his ‘Vic’s Market II’ part, is that guy.

Whilst it isn’t always pretty it sure as hell is creative and skateboarding takes all sorts to thrive; once we’re all doing the same five moves it quickly stagnates and becomes incredibly dull – skateboarding has come dangerously close to that in recent years so it’s great to see that there is still place for the thinker, the weirdo and the guy that none of us are beating in a game of skate…

…or repeating his ender any time soon. Wowzers.

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