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Josh 'Manhead' Young's 'Little Paradise' Part
Josh 'Manhead' Young's 'Little Paradise' Part
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Josh 'Manhead' Young's 'Little Paradise' Part

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  • By Route One

2016 was a very big year for esteemed Route One team member Josh 'Manhead' Young; not only did he re-joins the pro ranks following his brilliant closing section in the first full length offering from The National Skate Co and see his new TM role over at Vans UK go from strength to strength but he also managed to land his dream job as a set builder, utilising his exceptional carpentry skills (yeah, he's one of those annoying people that does virtually everything he tries brilliantly, the swine). As if this wasn't enough he also dropped another hum dinger of a part in James Harris' latest full length 'Little Paradise' and it's this we're here to talk about today.

Bristolian filmer James should be well and truly on your radar, following 2013's Perfect Blues, and fans of his work are in for a treat with this brand new vid which has seen various snippets released online over the past month or so (former R1 rider Nicky Howells' part was a definite highlight!). This was the one we were waiting for though and, if you'll excuse our bias, we really do think it's the main draw in a cast list of greats.

Opening up with DIY coping dance insanity and showcasing the steeziest of his ability, 'Shua proves yet again why he's considered one of the best skaters in Europe. If you're one of those kids asking what needs to be done to get sponsored look no further than emulating Manhead (and maybe matching his ability), he's text book professional and the lad does everything right!

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