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Julian Davidson Jameson Bloodline

Feb 2015 by Route One

As any of you that were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Etnies and Element rider Julien Davidson on last spring’s ‘Excess Baggage’ tour will testify – when it comes to riding his skateboard the lad is one smooth son of a gun.

This latest section, to celebrate the launch of the Etnies Jameson Bloodline, is so laid back it is virtually horizontal. Shades of Brian Anderson are abound; Julien skates so smoothly it is almost as if he is riding in slow motion!

That’s not to say that he is keeping things overly basic though; the back noseblunt in particular stands out as a proper hammer and there is plenty more besides. You could definitely do a lot worse than checking out the shoes if they’re gonna make you skate like this.

Jameson Bloodline: #RootedInSkateboarding featuring Julian Davidson from etnies on Vimeo.

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