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King Of The Road

Dec 2014 by Route One

Every year for the past decade Thrasher magazine has sent a number of teams out on the road with a challenge book for a week with the idea of each group of guys completing as many of said challenges as possible to win the title of ‘King of the Road’.

This year the invitees were Flip, Element and 2013 winners Birdhouse; with the likes of Nyjah Huston, Alec Majerus, Jaws, Louie Lopez, Ben Raybourn and Evan Smith in attendance you know this series is gonna be insane!

At the time of writing the first seven episodes have been released and he have them all linked for you below. Get that kettle on, get dug in and get stoked; this is fun times, rad skating and some serious messing about – exactly as it should be!

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