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Kristian Krazimirov
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Kristian Krazimirov

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Are you a young skater, spending your weekdays working towards your GCSEs but spending your evenings dreaming of making it as a pro? Want to know how good you need to be to get noticed?

Check out Kristian Krazimirov from Bulgaria, who turned 15 in August and celebrated it at the DC Embassy: Summer holidays spent filming in Barcelona, living the skateboarding dream and trying his hardest to enjoy every minute - combine that with natural ability, start your summer clip with a cheeky bigspin flip down Macba and you’ll know you have something special.

Keep an ear out for his name cropping up again and again in years to come, Kristian has everything it takes to make it in this crazy world we know as professional skateboarding.

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