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Krooked Guest Pro - Joey Pepper!

Feb 2023 by Route One

Legendary style merchant Joey Pepper pops up as Krooked Skateboards' latest guest pro and it makes you wonder why the East Coast native hasn't been wracking up the coverage in recent years. As this clip proves in spades, the lad from Brooklyn, NYC very much still has it!

Being 44 and a professional craftsman (wood built saunas are his trade) may well have something to do with it but the ease with which Joey knocks out the tricks in this promotional piece suggest there's plenty left in the old tank yet.

And, truth be told, its stuff like this which is why we really love Krooked. With Mark at the helm, and DLX handling the business, it would be so easy for them to get anybody they want as a guest pros, to rep the brand and sell product. It's just that Mark wants the guys that interest him, not necessarily the obvious names that will shift units. Even in this day and age, where money is king, Krooked are still doing it for the passion. You simply can't front on that!

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