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Krooked: It's All The Same Shit
Krooked: It's All The Same Shit
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Krooked: It's All The Same Shit

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
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We did not see this coming! 

A (pretty much) full length Krooked video, shot entirely on 30 rolls of Super 8 film. It doesn't get much better than this!

We all know the term "the skater's skater" - it's bandied around for those guys that just have that quality that their peers both envy and enjoy. Never the "rock star," the gnarliest or the most tech; not taking anything away but those guys that tick those boxes are for the kids. The skater's skater is the grown ass man who you only appreciate when you really know skateboarding. What we're saying is Krooked is the skater's brand. The art work, the proper rippers; it's never gonna sell in bucketloads to teenage kids in their first couple of years on a board but, once you've grown up and you've begin to notice those subtle nuances that make skatebording the best thing in the world? Well, right then Krooked is the brand for you.

It's All The Same Sh*t is a guest artist piece, created by Casey Jones and Alex Chiltsov, and showcases the legendary grime of SF as well as a full part from Matt Gotwig.

It's definitely the best Christmas present we've had so far!

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